Hygeia Medizintechnik & Medizinvertrieb

Development & Components

Hygeia's first German foray, named Hygeia Medical Instruments, was necessary to help us to garner the support of several small players in the field who where more comfortable to deal with a local, when licensing their technology and intellectual property to us. Especially when it came to us planning to improve on their existing items and procedures. The venture has since been renamed into Hygeia Medizintechnik and is the representative office of the Hygeia Group on the continent. 

Then Corona happened and suddenly it was Hygeia who had access to protective gear, in-vitro tests, etc. which Germany needed so badly. We teamed up with a local distributor who named themselves Hygeia Medizinvertrieb

In the meantime Hygeia Medizintechnik has also become a supplier of components to medical manufacturing companies in Germany and offers marketing and regulatory consulting services to Asian manufacturers who seek access to the EU and to European companies wanting to enter the ASEAN region. 


It all started with Hygeia Medical Ireland, but Hygeia Instruments in Malaysia is the centre piece of our operations in the ASEAN region.

Office: 3a-4-139 BJ Complex
Bayan Lepas 11900 Penang

Phone: +(6) 017-9662321

Email: info@hygeia.icu


April, 2024

Our Schedule for the Year

January, 2024

  • ArabHealth Dubai29/01 - 01/02

  • SEAcare Kuala Lumpur   17/04 - 19/04
  • NeuroConf Shah Alam    26/05/2024
  • APHM Kuala Lumpur04/06 - 06/06
  • HospitalExpo Jakarta      16/10 - 19/10

  • Medica Düsseldorf11/11 - 14/11
  • JKR Hari Profesionalto be announced