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Generics & Biosimilars at affordable rates for the ASEAN region

Hygeia is moving into pharmaceticals

During the Corona / Covid19 pandemic, Hygeia Medical was supplying PPD and antibody tests to customers in Europe while Hygeia Instruments in Malaysia was first to introduce saliva based swab tests for professional and home use to the local market.

These experiences taught us that more wholesome supply chains can help saving lives in emergencies, and furthermore that ASEAN really needs more vertically integrated operators in the medical field. Thus we launched HyPharm Healthcare as a subsidiary in Malaysia to source, distribute, and ultimately produce a number of medications for the ASEAN markets:

  • Generic pain medication & antibiotics
  • Tropical diseases tests & remedies
  • Chronic disease management devices
  • Oncology treatments and recovery substances

There are several areas of overlap between different Hygeia lines, which is why in-vitro tests, blood glucose management devices, etc. will continue to be under the Hygeia Instruments umbrella in terms of sourcing, manufacturing and regulatory requirements, with HyPharm doing marketing and wholesale. To learn more, please visit our dedicated IV / Tests page.


It all started with Hygeia Medical Ireland, but Hygeia Instruments in Malaysia is the centre piece of our operations in the ASEAN region.

Office: 3a-4-139 BJ Complex
Bayan Lepas 11900 Penang

Phone: +(6) 017-9662321

Email: info@hygeia.icu


April, 2024

Our Schedule for the Year

January, 2024

  • ArabHealth Dubai29/01 - 01/02

  • SEAcare Kuala Lumpur   17/04 - 19/04
  • NeuroConf Shah Alam    26/05/2024
  • APHM Kuala Lumpur04/06 - 06/06
  • HospitalExpo Jakarta      16/10 - 19/10

  • Medica Düsseldorf11/11 - 14/11
  • JKR Hari Profesionalto be announced