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Diverse Kowledge - Interesting Careers

The medical sector comprises a collection of entirely different industries, all dependent on each other to improve the outcome for the end consumer - the patients, meaning all of humanity.
Hygeia is involved primarily in the Medical Technology part of the sector, but even here there are many overlapping fields requiring different types and levels of expertise:

  • Technical and production jobs
  • Customer support & marketing positions
  • Positions in logistics and administration
  • Management and finance officers
  • And especially important are the positions in regulatory
         affairs and compliance.

Hygeia School of Medical Technology

As there are not many formal career paths into medical technology outside companies offering vocational training and on the job skills instruction, we are in the process of establishing the Hygeia SMT with partners in the United States. Certificate courses and training schedules will involve online studying of theoretical aspects for specific functions and tasks for various positions this diverse industry, on the one hand, and contract-based vocational training in Hygeia partner companies in Southeast Asia. 


It all started with Hygeia Medical Ireland, but Hygeia Instruments in Malaysia is the centre piece of our operations in the ASEAN region.

Office: 3a-4-139 BJ Complex
Bayan Lepas 11900 Penang

Phone: +(6) 017-9662321



April, 2024

Our Schedule for the Year

January, 2024

  • ArabHealth Dubai29/01 - 01/02

  • SEAcare Kuala Lumpur   17/04 - 19/04
  • NeuroConf Shah Alam    26/05/2024
  • APHM Kuala Lumpur04/06 - 06/06
  • HospitalExpo Jakarta      16/10 - 19/10

  • Medica Düsseldorf11/11 - 14/11
  • JKR Hari Profesionalto be announced