Medical Manufacturing

The Hygeia 5-Step System to Building a Medical Device Production

Technical Expertise mainly comes from long Practice and Experience

While automation and modern machines can do much of the work, experienced operators who can be relied on are difficult to come by. That is one of the main reasons why sustainable medical companies have a long history of vocational training.

Our team and our partners have combined many decades of experience in this industry and others to device a 5-step system to build up a production facility of surgical instruments and medical devices, from the ground up.

  • Introduce reliable quality at affordable rates, build a brand
  • Train the first batch of vocational staff in service and repairs
  • Use this first batch to train the next in machine operation 
  • Bring outside QC and finishing trainers to teach supervisors
  • Transfer outsourced processes step by step to your factory.

OEM & Contract work - Finishing & Repairs

Good manufacturing staff are rarely good at repairing; good repairs workers usually don't recognize the subtleties of manufacturing. It therefore takes specialized training to turn good repair workers into excellent production staff.


It all started with Hygeia Medical Ireland, but Hygeia Instruments in Malaysia is the centre piece of our operations in the ASEAN region.

Office: 3a-4-139 BJ Complex
Bayan Lepas 11900 Penang

Phone: +(6) 017-9662321



April, 2024

Our Schedule for the Year

January, 2024

  • ArabHealth Dubai29/01 - 01/02

  • SEAcare Kuala Lumpur   17/04 - 19/04
  • NeuroConf Shah Alam    26/05/2024
  • APHM Kuala Lumpur04/06 - 06/06
  • HospitalExpo Jakarta      16/10 - 19/10

  • Medica Düsseldorf11/11 - 14/11
  • JKR Hari Profesionalto be announced